Archaeology and Heritage

Snappy Gum Heritage is dedicated to using best-practice archaeological and ethnographic techniques to promote Aboriginal cultural heritage. We believe that an all-inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach encourages communication and cooperation between all stakeholders. Snappy Gum advocates for the active participation of traditional owners in the identification, assessment and management of Aboriginal heritage.   learn more

Ryan studies a map on car

They are committed to the preservation of Aboriginal culture, but also understand the needs of the mining industry and often walk that delicate tight rope with ease.

Derrick Kettlewell,
Principal Geologist,
Polaris Minerals Pty Ltd

We work in a Safe Environment

All Snappy Gum jobs are undertaken with up-to-date Safety, Health and Environment policies and procedures at the forefront. From planning right through to handing over the final report, we are committed to providing a safe, happy and environmentally conscious workplace for all.